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AnimeAMAZE Internet Radio has shut down at the end on 12/30/2018. I will try my best to explain how I came to this difficult decision and what the future holds. First and foremost, thank you guys for all your support and the community we built together. Even if there is no radio station, I hope we can all stay connected. Keep reading below if you’d like to know more about the decision:

Behind the Decision

With the amount of streaming services like Pandora and Spotify readily available, radio stations are seeing a huge decline in listeners. While we do take listener suggestions, we are not as “on demand” and customizable as other services, making it hard to compete.

We are also lacking proper equipment and infrastructure. AnimeAMAZE has been running for 13 years, which is amazing, but also means that our equipment is aging. Additionally, as the station grew, so did the demand for higher power computers that were required to handle the heavy work and remain stable while running 24/7. We simply do not have sufficient funds to completely revamp our computer systems. When I started AnimeAMAZE, I vowed to never run ads, and I am happy to say we stayed true to this, even if it meant things were harder for us. I know you all have supported us the best you can, and we are very grateful for the resources and donations.

Thank You

Thanks to IRC, Discord, and the website, we built an amazing online community, and I am happy to say I even had the pleasure of meeting some of you. I appreciate the friendships that have formed, and I would love to stay in touch. I will not be disbanding the Discord, and AnimeAMAZE Inc. will not be dissolved either. I don’t think we will have another radio station any time soon, but we would like to take the time to regroup, and come back with a clear mind and better approach before launching another project.

I also really want to thank all our sponsors for supporting us. I want to thank the person who developed our website, and the person who developed our logo and mascot. With these things combined, they really gave AnimeAMAZE a new look and life. I would also like to thank all our fans and listeners over the years. Without your support and your help, there would not be a station. Thank you!

Final Details

Here is the layout of the shutdown: