New Year 2015!

New Year 2015!

New Year, New look, and New story.

Once upon a time, AnimeAMAZE had a forum. This forum was challenged, and tested, much like many other forums. One day, the forum went through a change. This was a change of hosting. After this change, the forum faced a different set of challenges. This set of challenges was hopping from server to server, mainly because they had no idea where to put us. So now, with a more competent host who prides themselves on hosting communities for gaming, and such, this forum was born in August on a train (no joke, I was on a train to NYC) and now that it survived shuffling around, I feel it is ready to unleash again to the public.

Of course, the point of view for a while was “You killed the forums?” To be fair, I most certainly did not kill the forums, rather, I grew tired of telling our web host to fix it, and hear them say “Don’t you have a backup?” (Yes, I DID have a backup, but you also destroyed that when you claimed I was using your hosting as storage)

So that is where that stands. Now that I am in a better place of mind, AnimeAMAZE will be turning 10, let’s try this community again.

What about IRC?
IRC is really only useful for shows. It is constantly said “IRC is dead” … I know that! Trust me. I don’t always think to check it frequently, because I can’t really. People kind of just come and go on IRC anyway. The forum works out better in this situation. If someone asks a question on IRC, no response, leaves, kind of seems pointless. Resorting to email, or other means to find an answer, or just conversation is the only thing left to do. Forums exist for this purpose! It’s a community, and as it grows, you can be sure someone will be there to help you!

Therefore, Forum is back up again, it will not be killed (at least not by me!), it will be expanded upon. Please use the suggestion box to help out! I read everything and take it into consideration. This radio station and community is for everyone! If you can support it somehow (Doesn’t need to be money!) then please do!

Please enjoy the forums, and any questions, concerns or comments, please direct them to me!

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