Welcome 2015 Show [1/10 10PM EST]

Welcome 2015 Show [1/10 10PM EST]


UPDATE: It only makes sense to start at 10!

Yeah, it’s 2015. That means in May AnimeAMAZE will be celebrating it’s 10th year on air. This also means that this entire year is being treated as AnimeAMAZE’s 10th Birthday. 10 years is a pretty big deal. For starters, it is the longest project I have ever committed to. Most other project sites I had did not go past 6 years let alone 10! It has been an enjoyable 10 years thanks to all the help and support from the amazing fans (like you, and you…you too! Don’t worry, I did not forget about you!) but to celebrate the coming of the new year, and the 10 years AnimeAMAZE is celebrating, January 10th will be the first show of the new year, and celebration will ensue. I also like how numbers work out.

Not only will there be new music (my goal is to get 2015 new songs, but that’s not likely) there will also be news about our new forum that will not be killed this time (Thank you very much old web host) and an evening with your dear old Sirby.

What do you think we should do on May 26 for AnimeAMAZE’s 10th Birthday? The question probably should be, what kind of show should we have for AnimeAMAZE’s Birthday?

Submit suggestions in the suggestion box on the forum!

Show beings at 10PM EST. I will be in IRC for the show, but you can also contribute here!

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