Friday Night with AnimeAMAZE [2/6 10PM EST]

Friday Night with AnimeAMAZE [2/6 10PM EST]

February is here. What has it brought us. Well it brought about a lot of snow, cold weather (for those of us up north) and a whole slew of other things I am sure. We have Valentines day, and since this month began on Sunday, we have a Friday the 13th (right before Valentines day oddly enough) but it also brought about something that no one would ever have imagined to happen any time soon. Friday Night AnimeAMAZE Show.

It is not often that Friday nights bring shows. I enjoy it myself, because not only does it mean I have an open Saturday, but it also means you get to enjoy a show on Friday night (Nice intro into the weekend) do whatever it is you plan to do on Saturday, and then have Sunday to unwind.

Tune in 2/06 Friday night at 10PM EST to hear and enjoy the newest installment of new music, and Sirby. After such a lot of strange issues around the station, It is nice posting a show announcement, that is for sure.

See you there!

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