Saturday With Sirby [2/21 9:30PM EST]

Saturday With Sirby [2/21 9:30PM EST]

To be fair, I have a hard time always naming shows, and sometimes, I just think the most basic idea of what a show is works well. So This will be a Saturday evening, and you will be with me, Sirby! What better way to spend the weekend! New music, we can also discuss the news, anime, we can talk about the weather…anything really. If you hop into IRC, we can also discuss the show as it happens, so not only will you be spending the evening, with me, you will be spending it with good people!

Tune in Saturday Night Feb 21 at 9:30PM EST and brace yourself for the happiness that will fill your ears! Or something like that!

Good news is the problems with the live casts have been more or less solved, so expect things to work from the get go! At least I am.

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