Valentines Friday the 13th Show [2/13 10PM EST]

Valentines Friday the 13th Show [2/13 10PM EST]

Picture this. A romantic evening, candle light dinner, evening has a beautiful glow from the full moon. As you sit down with your date to enjoy a lovely dinner-HOLY QUACAMOLE! JASON VOORHEES IS OUR WAITER!? As he pulls out his knife to cut you a lovely slice of food you become distracted by something rubbing against your leg. You notice this and look down, and all of a sudden this cute face has no face…just a pair of eyes…This figure you make out is a cat…A black cat walks across and leaves you.

Or how about this. Tunnel of Love is a wonderful place to bring your valentine for a romantic time on the water and a romantic setting. Everything is going so perfectly, it could not be bet-WHOA! A MACHETE JUST FLEW THROUGH THE AIR AND IS STUCK IN THE DECORATIONS! The ride can’t go on at this point, so the maintenance crew doesn’t want to stop the romance, but the ride is stopped, a man comes through with a step ladder, sets it up along the way, and pulls out the machete, and the ride goes on…and there we go…under the step ladder…

This is what I imagine a Friday the 13th Valentines day would be like. It is impossible for Valentines day to show up on a Friday the 13th, unless you listen to AnimeAMAZE. Where else will you celebrate Friday the 13th + Valentines day at the same time? For this show, Some love, and some supersticious terror will collide…still in a lovingly way.

Don’t forget you can request songs, and have the dedications read on air! I will have the requests lines open the entire time, so don’t forget you can request and dedicate songs. As for new music, there will be some new music, and some great classics playing all night

The show will begin at 10PM EST. This show will also feature the strange old radio headset. The studio phones have passed, and for comfort reasons the headset takes the cake, but since it is USB it requires all or nothing be used since the other interface is USB, so I get Mic and Headphones in one, but this is also comforting, because, I can sit back and relax while I read your dedications and relax. I’ll be sure to EQ my mic for this.

See you there at 10PM EST on Friday the 13th

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