Enter Your Weekend With Sirby [3/27 10PM EDT]

Enter Your Weekend With Sirby [3/27 10PM EDT]

It’s time for a nice little weekend show again. Strange thing is I can not think of anything to name this show after. There is a lot to talk about though. One thing is, we are HALF WAY to our needed goal to keep us on air through May. So being nearly half way there, ($66.30 away) we have to do our best for these donations.

So to do our best, the best way is to give you all a neat introduction to the weekend. So welcome to a weekend start with Sirby. There will be new music, fun stories, requests, and dedications as usual, and of course, a lot of fun.

So prepare for your fun weekend by spending it with me, Sirby, Friday March 27th at 10PM EDT (GMT +05:00)

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