Spring Equinox Celebration [3/20 9:30PM EDT]

Spring Equinox Celebration [3/20 9:30PM EDT]

I will be blunt when I say this, but…IT HAS BEEN A LONG WINTER!

Nothing but snow and cold and being from Vermont, I can stand winter! I used to walk a mile to school in -30 C ( around -20 F) weather with my nice warm coat, and I used my studio type of headphones as my ear muffs. Lovely sounding warmth. But really, this Winter seemed colder than usual. So cold, I feel I could have measured the temperature in Kelvin. Only problem is in Kelvin the temp would have been 243 Kelvin…it makes it sound warmer.

At any rate, Spring is finally coming. To celebrate this coming of Spring we have to spring forward ourselves with an AnimeAMAZE show.

In this show I will be begging for donations, as well as playing new music and keeping the tunes fresh and…springy…lets just say they will be cool, just not cold. Need to heat things up just for Spring, and transition on to Summer.

Join us Friday for fun celebration of warmer weather to come, and the best seasons of all where everything is full of color, and magic (I love spring and summer so it’s magic to me) and together we will welcome Spring! Be here 9:30PM EDT on Friday March 20th!

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