AnimeAMAZE T-Shirt Phase II

AnimeAMAZE T-Shirt Phase II

Final design revealed!


Subject to look a little different, since this is just a web preview, this is the proposed design. I have no options on colors for this specific press, but the grey color looked the best.

What will happen next? I have some of the donors to email to ask about their size option, but as for prices, it is hard to say a solid price now because of volume and sizing options I need to get. I will have a solid price once I place the order, but until that phase of this project, this is where it stands.

As usual I am open to opinions, and our topic is still open for communicating about the T-Shirt as far as colors and sizing goes, but as it stands the design is final.

Keep an eye open to the site, and previous donors shall keep an eye on their emails!

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