AnimeAMAZE T-Shirts Phase 1

AnimeAMAZE T-Shirts Phase 1

The first phase of the AnimeAMAZE T-Shirts has began. I realized before I make T-Shirts, I really should find out what people like as far as designs go, and maybe even colors or fabric and such. I was only able to come up with a few designs, two of which I enjoy, and one that is only there because, I had an idea, but it did not exactly reflect the way I wanted it to, but I produced it anyway.

To vote on the poll for the design or even suggest an idea of your own, which I encourage, please visit this link

In order to vote or contribute, you will need to sign up for the forum. It is super easy to sign up (No captcha!) , and your information is not shared with any third parties.

All the information you need will be on that link to visit! Thank you for your time everyone, and your votes will matter to get designs rolling out and produce the T-Shirts.

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