Just wanted to say Thank You for your support!

Just wanted to say Thank You for your support!

I want to make a big shout out to all our Donors for the donations made to AnimeAMAZE (Which I will do on next weeks show). With your help, AnimeAMAZE will be on air through it’s 10th birthday and then some! I am going to look back into the past and check out the donations sent, and people who have left an email address and donated a certain amount will be eligible for receiving a limited run T-Shirt press. I am working on the design right now, and plan on making an order for them soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Once the design is finalized, I will post it here, and anyone who wants a shirt will be able to donate to receive it before the order is finalized.

Just wanted to say thank you again to all our donors! I will not mention any names without anyone’s permission but they know who they are and I want them to know how much we all appreciate your support!

Thank you again!

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