Dragon Fire Celebration [5/22 10PM EDT] + UPDATES

Dragon Fire Celebration [5/22 10PM EDT] + UPDATES

Imagic had a wonderful game developed in 1982 on May 21st. That is the recorded Copyright from the source code for the game Dragonfire.


Dragonfire is an exciting game for Coleco and Atari, and can be found on a few other systems. This exciting game leaves our thief on a bridge leading to a castle, dodging fire balls. After you make your way across the bridge, you are in the dragons lair. You have to move fast to get all the treasure in the room, and make it to the exit, all while the dragon follows you and chases you in a raining of fire balls. Don’t get to confident once you make it out alive one time, it speeds up and gets harder and harder from there.

We will be celebrating this birthday as we will AnimeAMAZE. Dragon Fire is going to be 33 years old (I think?) so it is time to celebrate it’s beauty with new music, and a fun time. Be tuned in Friday Night at 10 PM EDT, and be ready to dodge some fire!

The T-Shirts have arrived today!


Everyone who has donated the certain amount has been notified and their items pulled and ready to be shipped (As in sitting in the out box).
Shipping will be done Tuesday (oddly enough, our birthday) May 26th due to no time off from other job until them, and lack of shipping supplies.

Shirts will be set up on the site for easier buying. I understand Paypal may not be everyone’s thing so recently I did set up Google Wallet for my personal use (Business one did not work), but I am more than willing to give you that information if you wish to send me money some other way, and I am also looking to see if I can make Square work without the card reader thingy. If you are interested in that option, of course, use the contact form on the site, it goes to me directly, and I can see what I can do for you if you really want to buy one not by not using Paypal.

Thank you for reading the updates, stay tuned 😉

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