Return of Station ID’s More Music To be added

Return of Station ID’s More Music To be added

It is time to bring back the Station ID’s to the radio station. Due to a hardware failure a long time ago, the Station ID’s were lost or scrambled all over the place. As I was looking through some old hard drives, I found several backups of the Station ID’s and then finally found the entire collection intact. We are going to put them in as one playing every 50 songs, so you should generally hear one every 3 hours. Still being commercial free, these are not long, and some federal guidelines require you to have some sort of a bumper every hour. I feel every 50 songs is a reasonable time frame.

Also on several hard drives, I found some music that never made it onto the station, or were once on and lost in the hardware failures. There are several so it’s going to take a while to search through it and find out what needs to be added, but since there is so much, I am going to toss these songs or collections in here and there. Some will be updates to older files on the radio that are very compressed so they were able to fit on the hard drive. Right now storage is not too much of an issue, so the higher the quality, the better it will sound on the radio.

Those are the updates for today!

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