Info about 7/9 Emergency Maintenance

Info about 7/9 Emergency Maintenance

UPDATE: Requests now work. Some configuration needed to be done! Requests will work in time for the show Saturday, 7/11 at 10PM EDT

So as you all know the station was down for about 3 hours. The problem we experienced was RAID issues. The building the station was being hosted in was a little unique, and after several power outages, even on nice days, I think somewhere along the way the RAID array became messed up a bit.

Among other issues with the place it is hosted, I had to be my own admin and take care of it, and how can I take care of something when I don’t have full access and started to kick people out? Not to mention, dirty power is no good. It is also haunted I am pretty sure. So out of the creepy place, and to a bit of a more technological setting with 24 hour access, AnimeAMAZE was moved to a place with a cleaner, better power connection, 24/7 access, and a solid connection to the internet, with a fine level of security.

Only thing you should know is Requests are down until I can get stuff set up for myself at that building since the IP’s are all different.

But for Saturdays Show I will have a request page working that will connect directly to my live station!

That is the news bit for the evening!

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