September Show [9/12 10PM EDT]

September Show [9/12 10PM EDT]

This is a time of the season I enjoy. I enjoy the cooler weather making it’s way in after a hot summer, I enjoy the smell of the air as summer transitions into autumn, I enjoy seeing leaves change color, fall off, and I enjoy the crisp air and crunchy sound the leaves make as you walk on them.

I must have painted a lovely picture, and I do quite enjoy it all until this happens.


My car is a magnet for these things, and it is such a pain to clean off. What you get for living around a bunch of trees.

But along with the smell of pumpkins (and taste) and all the festivities that happen around, there is also awesome music. Considering This is a radio station, you probably don’t care too much about what I enjoy about autumn, you must care about the music. Well to hear what the month of September has to offer so far (some great new music) you will have to tune in Saturday Night 9/12 at 10PM EDT.

Hope to see you all there!

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