Hard Drive Replacement.

Hard Drive Replacement.

In the mail today we received a drive that is used (sender was not sure if it was lightly used or heavy use) to replace our broken one. So tonight I will pop that in, hope the RAID is pleased, and as long as the drive is repopulated, that should give us a bit more life to squeeze out of these drives.

And of course, if you have any drives or wish to help us get new drives to keep the station up and running, please donate!

The station should not go offline, it may slow down for a moment while the new drive is put in, but thanks to the way servers work and drive bays that are hot swap and such, it will be as easy as turning on the kitchen light…However, I have a bit of trouble turning on my kitchen light. There are three switches, and One is at the other end of the kitchen, one is by the sink, and another is behind the toaster oven, so my example is no good…

At any rate, thank you for the Hard drive Anonymous, and many thanks to all of you for your patience!

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