November Update!

November Update!

Hi Everyone!

To start, I would like to say I am very sorry for no updates since Halloween. After getting back from the Con, November starts, and at my other job, things also get moving, and things get very busy, and certain events in life happening around the same time have to be tended to as well.

To start:
AnimeAMAZE Live Shows: Due to Scheduling, Live Shows are currently taking a bit of a back seat. I want to be able to at least get that going at some point, and if not a live show, at least toss some new music your way (Which I have been doing little by little here)

Videos and Images from the Con: Videos currently have nowhere to go yet. Thank Youtube and Youtube Red for this. They have been blocking my videos in several countries, and some are blocked entirely in the US. So until things get straightened out with that, the videos literally have nowhere to go, and I communicating with them is a lost cause. I have been at it now talking to them for weeks! No dice on getting video access lifted until Copyright holders reach an agreement with Youtube.

Images? Some pictures I did get are up on our Facebook Page which should be public access for anyone to see so you don’t need a facebook account. I don’t have one either…or do I?

When will live shows begin again? December is going to be looking like a good time to hammer out some live shows again. This month was getting back from the con, getting in contact with some people I met at the con for networking reasons, and some changes that may happen behind the scenes at AnimeAMAZE, but you will be posted. Also, I think my other family member (one of my bearded dragons) Seems to be doing better and is not on the verge of death anymore. Nursing him back to health has been a challenge, and he may hate me a little for trying to pry his mouth open to force feed him and give him medicine, but well worth it to save him!

I wanted to keep you all in the loop about what is going on and I am very sorry for taking a long time get this to you. Thank you for your support, and I would also like to say, thanks to Last years donors and amounts raised, we are all set this December for Shoutcast hosting! Of course if you would like to make a donation, please do! we can get started on next years donation call!

For people becoming sponsors, Sponsorship program will be changing as I am going to rework some things to offer sponsors something more! Keep an eye open for that as we enter 2016! Keep your eyes open for more updates!

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