AnimeAMAZE in 2016

AnimeAMAZE in 2016

Hey Everyone! A new year is beginning soon. Seems really close anyway. AnimeAMAZE likes to keep you posted for what to expect from AnimeAMAZE in 2016. We also believe in transparency so if something changes, you can be prepared rather than surprised.

As per certain rules, I am also supposed to remind you of AnimeAMAZE Privacy Policy which has not changed since 2011. Things are still the same.

Donations: If you would like to donate for next years round of webhosting and Shoutcast hosting costs, no time is too late. Due to donations goal being exceeded last year, we were all set for our financial needs through to December. You are all to thank for making this possible, and thank you for helping us reach 10 years on air! Our next round donation goal will need to be met by May 2016 to cover our web hosting costs.

Radio Station: You’ve all heard my frequent complaints about our current radio station software. After last week I have had it up to here (A little above my head) and stated to seek alternatives. I have found a wonderful piece of software that is free and made for radio stations like ours. Though I did have a bit of a rocky start getting the software working, I plan to migrate our station completely over to this new software by the New year. My goal is to aim toward having this finished by January but I am going to also take as much time as needed while our other software is still working.
How does this affect you? To put it bluntly, it doesn’t really. You may notice things sounding different, maybe for the best, maybe for the worst, we’ll find out… Requests will change a bit as in time they play from the time you request but for the most part it will still be AnimeAMAZE. This new software offers AnimeAMAZE a bit more creativity and bit more power to both you and I. As soon as new features are implemented throughout 2016, I will keep you posted on what to look for. But the two main things that we need in a software is there. That is for it to play music, and for supporting online requests. It does all that, and more, so it will be a good fit!

Sponsor Program: I have been saying for a long time, that it will change, and that is happening. Reason for the delay is because its been a plan for a while to see what our software can and can not do, and with the new software in mind, its been delayed. So now that we have the new software planned and getting prepared, the changes will be forming and launching really soon! Keep an eye open for the news bits.

Other Things? To early to tell yet, so keep an eye open on our site.

So the TL;DR
-Privacy Policy is here
-New Radio Software
-Revamped Requests pages to come with new software
-New Sponsorship perks
-Han Solo

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the holidays and the new year!

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