Finally! A Show! [12/4 10PM EST]

Finally! A Show! [12/4 10PM EST]

I know, its been a while since there has been a show. To be fair, I have been super busy with life and work that I have not even really had time to sit down in my chair, set up my mic again, or even begin organizing for a live show. Now that time is a bit more available to me, its time I hop on air, say hello, play some music, read some dedications, and let you know what goes on in the world of AnimeAMAZE. To be fair though it has not been that exciting lately which in a sense is good news.

This show will have loads (hopefully loads) of new music, Your requests and dedications, the coming back of Christmas music (Which has been on year round it seems) and well, the soothing interruptions from your dear old Uncle Sirby…I don’t know where the uncle came in, but I am going to ride with it for now.

So yes, again, join in the night of the coming back of live shows. I will say December is a hard month with my other job, so I will try to do as much as I can before the new year! If not then my resolution will be more shows!

Tune in Friday Dec. 4th at 10PM EST and the usual IRC…See you there!

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