1/26 Downtime! Features being added!

1/26 Downtime! Features being added!

UPDATE at 1:17 1/27: The server is still down. The new hardware did go in, but it went a bit deeper than plugging in a chip here and there. An entire main board was changed to accomdate the new hardware, that is going to be capable of running the new software. I will say the transition to the new software has been quite the party, and I thank you for all your patience. In February, there will be a show, and I will not be able to thank you all enough except for put on a great show!

So what is happening to the Server right now is copying files over. The drive that was used as a USB drive no longer wanted to spin up in the enclosure, so the drive was put into a computer, and the transfer is rather slow. 3 hours the music should be all there! I should be sleeping by 4AM, and I will try to get some work done in the morning, and late evening.

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