Downtime [1/14] Solved

Downtime [1/14] Solved

Busy weeks already, and 2016 just started!

This evenings downtime was brought to you by a partition that was 100% full. So full it was 100% full!

Basically what triggered this is still unknown, but something triggered something else, and a log file expanded. Looking at the logs, there is no abnormalities or things of concern, I think it was just doing it’s job keeping logs of things as it should. I think maybe the last bit of downtime may have triggered it to log a lot more since it involved reboots and what not. Anyway, I freed up 51% space, so things should be set for now. backup kicked on at around 11, so I will kick it off, and get the real stream back up!

~NEXT TIME ON THIS NEWS FEED~ will hopefully be a live show notice!

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