New Request Page/Station Software Launch!

New Request Page/Station Software Launch!

UPDATE: New Software has taken over, and running, as is the request page that has changed a bit. Please feedback is my friend, so if something is off, or different and not too pleasant let me know and I can see what I can do to help you, or make adjustments.

AnimeAMAZE is only hours away from launching the new software for our radio station.

I will say, it was a real pain in the rear to get set up, but eventually, things worked out well.

Again, I want to stress, things will look and sound different. I tried to set the audio processor to sound as close to the same we have already which is natural sound of the original recording but keeping a constant volume level so you are not listening to one quite song, and then be blasted out by a louder song next. This certain processor is much more powerful though. it compensates for a lot of the lossy quality that may go out to encoders. I have been listening to a handful of songs with it, and it sounds pleasing to me on my studio phones and speakers. If you have any feedback to offer about it, PLEASE do send me an email! I want this to be a pleasant listening experience for everyone. Our last processor was tuned to perfection by yours truly and i had nothing but complements on how nice it sounded on both Internet and FM. So please let me know if it is not great, or could be improved. Some songs that are older, their age will show, so in the Tag I marked what is Vinyl recordings and what are not. So please remember, let me know! Most stations use a very harsh compression, but I don’t like that. I like to have something very fluid.

New Request page is also coming along for this software. I am not a huge fan of change, but this will be better for us, and allow more features for live shows which will be nice for live shows (as in I can see the dedication right on the software.)

As for live shows, there will be one soon (as in Next week), so this new Audio processor will hopefully make me sound alright. Transition is hours away, but should be launched by tonight, and if not, I will let you know and it will be tomorrow!

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