What to expect from new software for AnimeAMAZE

What to expect from new software for AnimeAMAZE

Welcome to 2016! This will mark AnimeAMAZE 11th year on air!

As you may remember from our last post there is new software that is currently being tested, and almost ready to deploy. I say almost because there were a few things to work out.

Audio Quality
As you know, AnimeAMAZE has great sound quality for a station running at 192kbps MP3. Even the 64kbps AAC stream sounds great. This is all thanks to the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) options. I went through and hand tweaked a lot of the settings to my liking. I used my studio phones to make the music have a constant sound level without harsh drop offs, and less emphasis on highs, lows and mids. Tried to make them as flat as possible so listening would be great on any piece of equipment. Basically it sounded the same going in my headphones, as it does out to the radio but with a nice volume level. This new software had a very generic AGC but had support for others. I found one that was made for use on AM and FM radio stations. Not paying for the AM and FM side, the AGC was free (Yay!) and it is a lot more powerful than what we have currently. I tweaked the settings, but nothing was sounding correct, or as it should. I finally adjusted some more settings and I feel I have it set well. Some songs may sound a little unique, noticeably the older songs (Yuko Ishikawa vinyl recordings and such) so that is where the delay came in to play on implementing the new software.

Request Pages
I had to modify the request pages a bit. Instead of me explaining how it looks…


I may still change around the colors a bit to reflect our webpages but as far as things look, they are shaping along.
You may be wondering “Sirby, why are there X’s on some songs and +’s on others?” and that is a great question. The X represents that the song or artist played and has not yet passed proper time requirements for request, and the + means it is available to request. Now you won’t waste that time clicking request only to find out its been played.

And as usual free time plays a part in that as well. Now that Holidays are over, my back stock of projects get to be completed. I plan on tackling this switch over in the next few days. as the project gets closer to completion, you will have a notification.

If you have any questions or comments please use the contact form, PM button, or any means of getting in touch with me and let me know. I’ll answer it asap! Also, if you have suggestions for a better color scheme for request pages, or even our site, drop me a message about that. I am always open to suggestions and will usually try anything!

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