Valentines Show [2/13 930PM EST]

Valentines Show [2/13 930PM EST]

Let’s try this again!

With the station working as it should be again, here goes take two of the first show of 2016…Also lines up with Valentines Day. Valentines day is often significant to each individual in it’s own way, but often I see it as a day of sweets, cavities, dentists, but also people associate it very closely to romantic holiday.

So join us, I should be able to gather up some new music, but if not we can listen to some old classics. Of course, as long as requests are working properly this time, I will be taking your requests as well.

Tune in at 9:30PM EST. IRC will also be up. One thing I will say is please allow some time for the show to start. Still adjusting to new software, so lets see how this works, and sounds. Hope to see you all there Saturday Night!

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