AnimeAMAZE Live [3/4 FRI. 930 PM EST]

AnimeAMAZE Live [3/4 FRI. 930 PM EST]

I don’t know what to name this show. I am drawing a blank. There are a lot of fun days, weeks and March is a pretty busy Month for things. We have crafts and Music, arts and cultures, so this show is going to be appreciating all of that already. But you know what starts in a week? National Bubble Week. So let’s somehow celebrate some Bubbles. Same with National Crochet Day. I don’t know how to crochet, but I know I saw somebody doing it once before, and it seems like I could learn.

This Friday evening, this show is going to be having a good time with a Friday Show lineup. Friday shows are always fun, and remind us of the days when AA had Friday shows. I have been worked into a schedule that will allow me to do a couple for now, so I will run with it.

There will be new music, requests, and dedications, and this time, I feel like trying something new for the requests and dedications so you may all be my precious experiments…sounds a little creepy, I am sorry.

Tune in Friday Evening around 9:30PM EST and join in on the music festival to bring in your bubbles and yarn weeks!

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