Easter Show [CANCEL]

Easter Show [CANCEL]

Sorry, nothing is working correctly, I have to cancel the show! 🙁 I will be doing a show again real soon in the new location though once I figure it all out.

Happy Bunny Day!

Easter show means we are finally leaving the cold winter for some more mild warmer weather. I feel we kind of had a mild winter (at least up north) so I can’t really complain at all, but I do enjoy this show because each year I do it, I feel more like we made it to the longer days, and warmer weather, and seeing leaves back on the tree’s makes me feel relaxed…until fall…but that is another season away!

So the reason their is a TBD there is because I am moving, and most if not all my stuff will be out on show day. I am scheduling it and I am pretty sure I can do it, but time may vary.

So times to remember are between 9:30PM EDT and 10:15PM EDT. Preparations will be a tad bit different, so I allotting time for setup, and time for configuration.

I hope to see you there and keep an eye on book of faces, twitter, and of course, this site for updates!!! Hope to see you there! :bunny:

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