Leap Show [10PM EST FRI 3/11]

Leap Show [10PM EST FRI 3/11]

So the leap show could mean so many different things. It could relate to leaping an hour forward for Daylight Savings (observed differently in other states, and regions) or could also refer to the leap year we observed this year when February had an extra day. could also just be strange time lapses, and what not, but I know one thing for sure! In AnimeAMAZE home state (Vermont) We will be loosing 2AM on Saturday Evening (or Sunday Morning for accuracy)

Due to the fact that scheduling did not work out, we will celebrate the leap before Saturday with some new music, and some songs relating to time and space. You may have a flashback to a certain time, look into the future, experience time lapsed songs like maybe slow, then go fast, then slow down, then SUPER SPEED!

Regardless of how it all works out, there will be a show! Tune in 10 PM EST on Friday Evening 3/11

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