Apologies and Donation Show Notice [4/16 7:30PM EDT]

Apologies and Donation Show Notice [4/16 7:30PM EDT]

UPDATE 4/14: Station is Back to it’s primary broadcast and location. Thank you for the patience. It’s not perfect yet, but at least we have an IP to use for now.

Looks like our email address has not been properly working so I have not been told about donations or sponsors. I am very sorry. I got a final count this evening, and looked, and I see that we have a new sponsor that may have started March 4th and I am so very sorry they were not added to the list. Now that my host is aware of the situation, I changed the email address I have been using and made a new one for Paypal to go to. I am so sorry to everyone!

Second thing is, the radio station is still running on backup. At our main location the static IP we had went away (Some technician lost it) and trying to figure out how to make things work has been a bit of a problem. Sadly this is not plug in the modem, get an IP to the router and hope for the best. This fiber company only offers you static options. So there goes the internet service. Hopefully this will be solved sometime this week, but as far as news goes, there is no information yet on any ETA.

Third thing is, we do still need some donations to meet our May deadline. With the studio move, things have been a little crazy and not well organized, so we lacked a bit on getting the notice out sooner!

This will all be covered in the Donation call out show for 4/16 at the earliest time for a show that we have ever done, 7:30PM EDT. Why such an early time? With our new location, I can pretty much hop on air at any given time, and in order to offer you more shows, doing them earlier will make it a bit easier for me to do shows on a regular schedule. Pretty cool? I think it will be!

My sincerest apologies for failing to get the notice of donations out sooner, and for failing to get the email about the sponsor, and hopefully with things well taken care of, this should not happen again! Hopefully the next move we make will be easier and not during a stressful time!

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