Bring on May Show [4/30 8PM EDT]

Bring on May Show [4/30 8PM EDT]

First off, I want to give a huge thanks to all our donors and support from all the listeners. We have at least reached the amount needed for our web hosting! We still need 69.00 dollars to cover our minimum needed for the station. Up in June will be $45 for 6 months of shoutcast ($90 for a year). After that is the domain costs in September.
Thank you everyone.

So for this next show, this will be welcoming in May which is AnimeAMAZE birth month. AnimeAMAZE will be turning 11 on May 26th. Now there will be a nice assortment of shows through out the month, that you can be sure of, But also, May is generally warmer, brighter out longer, and that makes everything happy, and I don’t know if it is the mood or the mindset but everything just sounds better. So time to toss this bitter weather off the side (VT just had a nice bit of snow this morning) and get things ready for number 11! AnimeAMAZE’s 11th spring to celebrate! This will also be a good time to thank all of you for the donations, a good time to thank our sponsors, and a good time to have some fun. And request should finally work this time!

Tune in Saturday at 8PM EDT and prepare to be loaded with good music for the rest of the weekend!

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