Donations Needed by May!

Donations Needed by May!

Hello everyone!

This is the time of the year where we seek your help in keeping AnimeAMAZE on the air for another year. This time around we are in need of Donations by May, June, and September for Web/VPS hosting, Shoutcast, and Domains respectively.

MAY: This is AnimeAMAZE birth month, and also the time of renewing the web hosting and VPS (hosts the podcast files). We need $112.00. This is $20 less than what we needed last year around this time. I was lucky to notice that their prices had gone down, so I hopped onto that deal quickly. This is due very early in May. If I remember correctly, May 6th. If we do not get the donations to keep our VPS and webhosting all this is gone, and as a result AnimeAMAZE will also go off air.

JUNE: June is when our Shoutcast bill is up. We need $45.00 to pay the bill for 6 months. If we get $90.00 we will be set for the year. If the shoutcast goes down the station will be gone at this point.

SEPTEMBER: The domains are what you type in to get here. We have 2. and Now you are probably wondering “Why do we have two domains? Can’t we keep it cheap and get rid of one?” and that is a fine question. the answer to that is while is hardly used, was where AnimeAMAZE began. All, if not most of our station ID’s, mention or link to It was only maybe 3 years ago that someone spotted that was available again, free from the phishers clutch. So it was auctioned and sniped by our very own Misty3000. Thankful as we are, transitioning things over to from has been timely considering our age (almost 11) and only having the .com for 3 years.
Cost for Domains is $64.68 for 2 years, OR $32.34 for 1 year each.

All this added up together, is $189.34 minimum needed! We need at least $112.00 by May! Ideally we would like to reach $266.68 to have 2 years domain, 1 year Shoutcast (not have to worry about it in December) and the web host is always yearly

You all made this radio station what it is and brought it where it is today! Please donate if you can to keep it on air for Year 11!

Please by May we need $112.00. Without this we will be gone. Thank you everyone!

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