First (and only) Friday The 13th of 2016 Show [5/14 8PM EDT]

First (and only) Friday The 13th of 2016 Show [5/14 8PM EDT]

The reason this show is on Saturday is because, you have to survive…and AnimeAMAZE can’t have bad luck on this day. So it will be Saturday!

Not only is Friday the 13th happening on this day though. May 13th is Frog Jumping Day, and the 14th is Dance Like a Chicken Day. While I don’t have a ton of music relating to Suako, and I can only think of a few things possibly related to Chicken on the station, I will have to see where we stand on celebrating those days! Either way, some of this music may make you want to get up and dance like a chicken.

As you all know, I love tempting my fate on Friday the 13th, but as luck would have it, Friday will be a long day, and lately, starting shows has been a challenge. So to give you all a good show to remember, Saturday the 14th between 8:00-8:15PM EDT we will celebrate surviving The first, and ONLY, Friday the 13th this year! We will also celebrate Frog Jumping Day, and Dance Like a Chicken Day…All in one show! Also have some fun news to share with everyone! So lets get this going on Saturday May 14th at 8:00!

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