Site Update (almost) Complete

Site Update (almost) Complete

As you can see by now, the site update is nearly done.  What is left to clean up or finish?

  • Forums
  • Sponsorship page
  • Little odds and ends

Forums: They need to be finished up a bit before launching it to the world.  We have certain spam preventatives that are put into play and have proven themselves handy.  So for now, registration is still closed, and the theme, though it looks different, had to be changed to accommodate for the new changes.  Nothing else drastic changed with the forums!  Your username and password still work, just the back-end got a bit of a overhaul.

Sponsorship page: Still directs to the old page.  I plan on tackling that soon.  It has some code that is handy for the my old site, and may not play well on this site.

Little odds and ends: Already I am noticing the time stamps are off from what I am used to seeing.  But other things I hope you all catch and if you notice something, please use the contact form or the forum even!  Anything you can do will help.

As usual, if you have any questions, please ask.

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