AnimeAMAZE Music Updates/Donation Status

AnimeAMAZE Music Updates/Donation Status

Just so you all know, I have been undergoing some medical issues (nothing serious or anything) which is why I have been away from the site, forums, and off the air.  Things are starting to shape up a bit, and I wanted to let you know that even if I do not intend on doing shows, or my schedule is not allowing it, I will begin adding music updates to the site.  I am also going to work on getting the playlist to a manageable size because the current HTML document is huge.  It’s too huge I don’t really think anyone is going to want to load it at all.  So I am going to work on adding pages of what was added and when they were added, and try to rotate through some of those. I will offer the large HTML document, but you will need to download it or wait for it to load, and hope it does not kill our webhost!

So to begin, there will be some music updates happening either this weekend (Sat/Sun) or throughout the week but I will try to mention when they happen!  Keep an eye open, and ears listening, because once they are added, nothing is going to stop them from popping into automation!  I know there are still other songs to add, and they are slowly being added thanks to a slower internet connection.

Just wanted to fill you in on this bit of news, so you are aware that AnimeAMAZE is still doing it’s thing, even if I have been quiet.


Also, we are $10 away from our minimum needed!  Please consider donating to keep us on air…With only 10 bucks away, we can prevent being turned off air very easily and quickly if everyone tuned in donated even less than 50 cents!

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