Hot July Show [7/1 9-9:30PM EDT]

Hot July Show [7/1 9-9:30PM EDT]

July is here!  We are now very into Summer.  I always see July as the pinnacle of summer.  This is the time where it seems to get really dry really quickly, the weather just gets warmer and warmer, and everyone in this area anyway (north east) tend to do a lot more out door activities such as cooking on the grill, camping, going to the beaches, and the best part, launching fireworks (my personal favorite).  It is understandable that my reflections of July may differ from area to area, but considering where I am and where I have been, I have nothing but fond memories of the month of July for the past 20 years.  With that said, why not take this chance to celebrate the arrival of July with a show and some good tunes that will surely liven up the summer a bit.

The scheduling worked out and I have been feeling much better lately, (thank you to everyone for your support) so this show works out perfectly.  I have set the vague time 9:00 and 9:30 because if all goes as planned I’ll be around the studio around 7:30ish, so that gives me an hour and a half to prepare for the show, where sometimes I prefer to have a bit of extra time just in case something bad happens.  So please be tuned in by 9:00 for the live show if you want to catch it from the start, and rest assured it will not start later than 9:30 unless specified.

Also the chat will be open as well!  Hope to see you all on and have your cool drinks ready for your hot day or cool night (Actually I have no idea what the weather will be like yet)

See you Friday July 1st!


5 thoughts on “Hot July Show [7/1 9-9:30PM EDT]

  1. For me, on a mac, using both Chrome and Firefox, this page pops up for about a second and a half, then vanishes and the page appears instead, with no way to get back to this one. I had to reload a couple of times, trying to hit the “Continue Reading” button before the page vanished. Probably why I missed the show announcement. Just letting you know in case this is a glitch you weren’t aware of. Site’s looking good though!

    1. Hi Bob, Sorry to hear about this problem. I just wanted to ask what version of Firefox you have. I am trying to see if I can replicate the issue you are experiencing. I don’t have a mac, but if there are bugs in the site I would like to know about it and also mention it to the designer. The only thing I can think that would cause anything to vanish like that would be the now playing script (that used to be an issue for some users) but that updates every 30 to 60 seconds, and the images at the top could cause something like that. I also think the cache tool has caused some strange things to happen, so that may be something for me to check.

      If you can get a quick video or image of what is happening, I can use that and see if anyone knows what could be a cause. The fact that it happens in Chrome and Firefox would lead me to think some code is not playing well or the server could be at fault. I’m using Firefox 47.0 on Windows 10, and no issues on things loading or going blank.

  2. Here’s what happens.

    The news page appears momentarily, then vanishes and the splash page comes up.

    It must be a Mac thing; I tried Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, on two different macs running old and new versions of OSX. Once I got to this news page I was able to bookmark it, and can get here now, but there’s no link I can find on the pretty splash pages that will take me here. Not complaining, just FYI.

    1. So I looked into this on my friends Mac Book Pro, and I don’t have the same problem. But when you see the news, and then the splash page at the top, you should be able to scroll down and see the news. The site has this neat little slide show feature on it that has tune in links. But if you scroll down, you will see the news. Unless the site keeps reloading and its not something you are refreshing, then there is a problem to address and find out where it is coming from. Otherwise the site is working as it is intended to for most HTML5 radio station sites. If anything could make it easier and alleviate confusion, possibly adding a down arrow to indicate that there is more content below the splash image, that may be something that could be added, and if it is possible, it will be looked into.

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