August Show Live [POSTPONED 8/13 ]

August Show Live [POSTPONED 8/13 ]

UPDATE: It is with much sadness that I have to postpone this show this evening due to a cold that began to take shape this morning.  I could feel it, I fought it, but in the end, it manifested itself, and began to take my voice and strength with it.  So next week I should be fine for the show.  I will not leave you guys out of the dust on National Mustard Day (and so many more serious days to honor on 8/6) I will be sure to add the new music to the station, so Tonight in rotation you may hear some new tunes!

Brace yourself for next week!

August is an interesting month from my perspective anyway.  August is to most people the end of summer.  True that school starts soon for some, and the nights become a bit cooler, and days also become a bit shorter, but its all expected to happen anyway.  August also has interesting holidays, like for example, the first Saturday of every August is National Mustard Day.  Some people argue that this is the only condiment that belongs on hot dogs.  In the end though, August to me is another fun month to get those last summer moments in before the cold air sets in and most days consist of being wrapped up in a blanket watching strange TV shows.

AnimeAMAZE has missed so many celebratory moments.  AnimeAMAZE missed celebrating the launch the Pokemon GO in the US and Japan (Don’t think we were not playing it), Jupiter laps, and really REALLY hot days of summer.  AnimeAMAZE has had enough fuel to fire up again (and Sirby found time) to put this all together in a show that can’t really have a title other than celebrating August.  This Saturdays show will have some new music, some not so new, but new to AnimeAMAZE music, and music that may answer some of your questions about why I am the way I am… emphasis on maybe.  We shall enjoy them all.  Also, why not mention some requests and dedication time?

Well, tune in Saturday night at 9:30PM, keep some iced tea nearby, *cough* maybe share some with me, *cough* (dry throat from all that talking) and enjoy what AnimeAMAZE has to offer for the rest of the summer!

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