Station Downtime [9/5 12:00 EDT]

Station Downtime [9/5 12:00 EDT]

UPDATE: Looks like the server lost contact with another server, hence why it was freaking out.  So after finding that out, I decided to let the computer do its updates (again) and move forward with that, and I will let the live/backup stream take over.  This means, requests and dedications will be down (as they are anyway) and will not work until the main location is able to pickup again.   Sorry for the inconvenience this causes you.

Just to let everyone know, The station kind of had a bit of a freak out and I had to tell it to calm down (as in ending the process) so the station is currently down.  I am aware and decided to let some of the updates that want to take place happen as well as tossing some of the fixed songs in rotation, and releasing some of the old ones.  It should only be down for about 15 minutes from posting this update, and of course, I will post back once everything is done.  Thank you for your patience.

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