AnimeAMAZE Live at Bakuretsu Con 2016 [10/28-10/30]

AnimeAMAZE is at Bakuretsu Con 2016 right now!  We are having a bit of a rocky start struggling with the station falling over a bit but with proper care the station is becoming a little more stable.  It will be monitored, as well as our streaming efforts, from the Con will be as well.

We are going to be streaming events live to the ustream page.

Events that are planned to be covered fully by AnimeAMAZE on Ustream are as follows.  All times are Eastern (GMT -04:00)




DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE LIVE SHOW!!!  We will be having a good time with all our hosts, and guests we have here!  So join us up on Discord as well!  That is where we will be in the Live Show Channel!

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