Current Status of Radio Station [UPDATE 10/3]

Current Status of Radio Station [UPDATE 10/3]

UPDATE: Neostreams will shut down on October 18th.  We are on the new servers now so if you use TuneIn, iTunes, those will be updated. If you do not use those two services update your tune in URLs and let me know of other directories. Thank you. 

To our surprise our original stream still remains on air for almost the entire week.  I am also pleased to say that we have our hopefully permanent solution in play and being updated in the directories as I type this out.
Our current Shoutcast overflow server is now our permanent solution.  This server can easily host up to 500 simultaneous connections.  We are very lucky to have this option open to us.  This option also keeps our hosting costs down as our friends in Burlington VT host this service.  Our previous host, who is shutting down eventually, is set to relay from this main server.  This will make the transition to the new server easier, and also prevent too much disconnections when Neostreams finally pulls the plug.

Our new server and port is for 192kbps MP3 stream,  and our AAC+ server remains unchanged, but for the sake of keeping things consistent, they are on the same server, ( so you have that for reference. If you have any bookmarks of the servers, please replace them with these addresses.

Also wanted you to note that if you listen to AnimeAMAZE using any app or radio directory, that may be pointing to the old previous server, please take these addresses over to the maintainer of the app or directory and make sure they replace our listening links for you.  I only know of a small handful of apps that have us listed, but I didn’t get updates out for all the ones I found.  Updates have gone out to iTunes, and TuneIn, and have seemed to been confirmed to be changed.

That is all the news I have so far, but things seem to be going well with this new transition.  Please keep an eye on the site for changes.  There will be some differences with the site showing the currently playing statuses, but I will eventually get them back when they do finally disappear once Neostreams is fully shut down.

Thank you for everything during this time.  If you have any questions, please pop them in as a comment, and I will answer if I can.

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