AnimeAMAZE and the (busy) month of December!

AnimeAMAZE and the (busy) month of December!

As you all know I have been away for sometime from a lot of things due to my other job and other responsibilities in life.  That is not to say that AnimeAMAZE has not been being tended to, which is why I am writing this post to keep you all updated on AnimeAMAZE in the month of December.

Requests: Our ISP at our cage where the server is running has had us on a bit of a strange IP setting.  We used to have static, then we had dynamic and now we are back to static, and hopefully it will stay that way.  Now that things are not switching on a regular basis, I updated the DNS to reflect that so Requests should work now!  Let me know if you have any problems please.  If you can not load the request page, don’t worry, I just updated it around 11:30AM EST on 11/29.  They say you should wait a few days, but if you flush your DNS cache, you should be good to go!

Neostreams?: On the 18th of October Neostreams, who does some of our shoutcast hosting, was supposed to go offline.  as of writing this, we are still streaming on them.  Normally around this time of year, we have to pay them so we do a bit of a donation gathering to pay them for another 6 months.  Thanks to our connections we have a pretty sweet deal which costs us nothing.  So with that said, I am hopeful that we have our new IP’s updated in all the station listings we have.  If you know of any radio apps, or any directories we are in kindly let me know or send an update request to link to the new servers.  our neostream server is now set to relay off one of our other servers so we should not see any other listeners on that server.  I have updated TuneIn and iTunes.  If there are other apps you use to listen, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  On the other hand, we will use the neostreams server until the end.

Christmas Music: Not to sound all “bah humbug” about Christmas but I do not play Holiday music until December.  With our new software we have categories we can grab music from.  So you can request it year round, but it will not play until I add the rule to our rotation.  That will be added as we near the end.

Radio Station Stability: I’ve learned a thing or two about running this station.  I learned that in order for things to work correctly I need to not use sound redirection when I log in remotely.  I have also learned that databases may be best hosted locally rather than relying on another computer to do the heavy work.  With that said, I have made some changes, and do plan on applying them soon.  I will probably do it with the Holiday music addition, which will mean some downtime.  I’ll keep you posted though.

Forums: The forums will officially be dead in December and January.  We are moving to discord since it seems to be better suited for what we do, and it is a bit easier to get to vs using IRC.  I liked IRC for what we used it for, but for some it is “scary” which it can be a bit intimidating.  Discord is a bit easier, and has a lot of support documents, and it is a familiar chat client.  You don’t need to download it, it can run in the browser, but if you want to download it, they have a client for Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS.  no weird third party apps either, this is legit Discord developers making it all possible.  Try it out if you please!  Usually in January we post a bunch of goals we have for the year, remind you all of our privacy policies, and all that but since our forum will be gone, we will not have any personally identifiable information on our servers at all unless you post a comment on the site.  We don’t sell this information and we never will so you can rest easy, and the forum deletion will ensure that the SQL databases are scrubbed clean thanks to our host.


If you have any questions or concerns, please ask here!  I will try my best to get to it in time.

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