Update on Server outage

Update on Server outage

I’ve found out all the information I could and came to a conclusion that will work for us. 

The bad news is our server that we were streaming on may not be back for a long time. Our last server we were on was part of a cluster. Many servers made one giant server. One of the network interfaces blew out and apparently killed the entire chain. The data is intact but the server cluster has to be rebuilt. To quote directly our “…server will not be back anytime soon.”

The good news is we have decided to go in on a VPS with our Sponsor, The Mono Room, and have our own monitored server that will give us more listener slots for less than we have paid yearly for our host that was supposed to shut down in October.  Neostreams offered us 100 listener slots at 192kbps for $90/year. 

The bad news is, Shoutcast has kind of been a dead platform. We’ve been on an old version for too long. We could go to version 2 but version 2 is very buggy.  AnimeAMAZE loves open source software, so continuing with this love we decided to give Icecast another go. This should not be a drastic change for most but you will have to update your listening URLs if you have them saved but for TuneIn and iTunes it will be fine once I have them updated. 

Once we have details on this server working I will let you know. It’s taking longer than expected due to figuring out IP addresses and binding. The power outage on Wednesday did not help much either since most of the evening was spent in the dark instead of getting things set up. 

I want to thank you all for your patience with this. It is very troubling to say the least it will be resolved soon. 

Neostreams still works and we are streaming to them so if you want to listen add http://apple.neostreams.infi:10007 to your player of choice.  

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