AnimeAMAZE is moving soon and some updates. 

AnimeAMAZE is moving soon and some updates. 

Hello everyone!  For starters, I am very sorry for the lack of updates on this site and on radio presence.  I have been in the process of finding places to live, and moving out, and also busy at my other job.  Tiredness and stress have prevented meaningful updates, and the cold on top of that did not make things easier.  As for moving, I have arrangements in place, but still have boxes of packed up stuff and that includes the radio station that has been packed up since we went to Bakuretsu Con in October.  The boxes containing all the studio equipment has been boxed up for travel to the con, and has remained that way the moment we came back knowing that as soon as February rolled in, it would be boxed up again anyway.  That should change come March, and my situation to do shows should be a bit better.  Thank you all for the patience you have shown me throughout this time.

AnimeAMAZE streamer is also going to have to move from it’s cage in Burlington.  Hopefully we can keep the downtime short, but I wanted to warn you in advance that it is something that will happen.  I will keep you posted as that move happens. 

Our Station has also moved over to an Icecast host we are running on our own VPS with one of our sponsors.  Please let me know if you have any problems getting to it.  Right now we are updating our links, but I wanted to let you know it is being worked on getting things back to working stats.  If you have any problems with the icecast server, please let me know ASAP. The listen links on the site will get you to those servers. 

Also, our donation drive to get the station website and podcast archive paid for is coming up and our payment is due in May!  If you like AnimeAMAZE and the services it offers, please donate to keep us running.  I think our sponsors, listed on the side of our site, and donations in the past may be able to keep us afloat, but we also need to pay for our Icecast host come January.

And as of today our forum has been destroyed and all data within it wiped. This means our privacy policy changed as we do not use cookies and we do not need to collect identifiable information for you to participate on our site (except for E-mail addresses to comment which you can use a temp one.). This is a big step as security is very important. If we don’t need this information we may as well not store it anyway, and everyone seems to like discord which is not hosted on our servers anyway.

I’ll post more information later but wanted to let you know of the new changes as of now. 

TL;DR  I’m moving, streamer is moving, been busy and stressed, Icecast server is the new server, forum goes bye bye, privacy policy updated and we need donations please and thank you. 
And for those who care as much as I do, neostreams is still up. 

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