Spring time is here! Donations needed by May!

Spring time is here! Donations needed by May!

Hi Everyone,

Spring is here, and hopefully everyone is having a good time.  Last time I posted here I was in the middle of moving around, and finally I am done with moving.  I have been for a while actually, but I came down with a couple of fierce colds, or the flu…Could have been the flu.  Normally I can toss a cold in a matter of a couple days, but this one lingered for a few weeks.  During this time, rest was mostly on my mind, and getting the studio back up for live shows was second.  Though I will say, through organizing and finding where things are, the studio is coming back together, and hopefully will be ready for live shows in the near future.  I  can’t really specify when yet because some things may be locked away in our storage center.  If some of the stuff is locked up, it should not take long to gather, but still a delay.  I am sorry for this delay but we definitely had an interesting few months leading up to this move, and sadly I had a hard time getting solid answers from people to see where I would be living, and hosting the station.  That coupled with work and the insane projects I had to do, I am glad to say I have a place to live for now, still able to host live shows, and also things slowing down at work, so I can focus on doing these shows again!

I do have a big update of music to add, and now that I have a solid internet connection and not using my cellular data, I will be uploading them to the station in the next few days, so keep your eyes open for that.  The requests have been working on and off, so I hope to tackle that soon too.

I also know that last time I blogged here, I was talking about how AnimeAMAZE may have to relocate its server hosting.  I am pleased to say that our cage in Burlington is still able to host us thanks to our friends, The Mono Room, for fighting for a place to keep our servers and host the station for you all.

Now for the not so fun part is our call for donations!

AnimeAMAZE is in need of donations by May to cover our website hosting costs.  Currently we have $53.75.  To cover our costs we need to get $58.25 by May!  Our hosting costs is $112 per year.  Certainly if we reach our $58 I think I can cover the 25 cents considering Paypal has their fees, 25 cents would disappear quickly.  Without our website the radio station will go off air as well as all our podcasts will be gone, and so will our site and all our posts.  Our server will charge our account on May 8th, so we need it by then and no later than that.  If you are able to donate please do so!

Please thank our Sponsors, Detonation Films Inc, for the support they offer AnimeAMAZE.  Without help from Detonation Films Inc. we would not be able to cover music costs, or keep services running. Please visit their site, they have a lot of awesome resources for film making, and also…explosions…they blow stuff up!

Also thank The Mono Room for helping us out with our location placement, and also helping keep the costs down.  They have some gaming stuff so feel free to check it out. 

If you are interested in sponsoring, check out the sponsorship page on our site.

Keep checking up on things. I no longer have the flu and I’ll be getting things all set for the radio to get going so hopefully very soon we’ll be live again. 

2 thoughts on “Spring time is here! Donations needed by May!

  1. Man, I love the radio here. But the online site is too much. Nothing is navigable. This site requires a lot of work. Please improve the user interface. Otherwise you will be losing potential listeners.

    1. Thanks for the feedback– we are always looking to improve, and feedback from our visitors is the fastest way for us to know about problems. Which parts of the page are hard to navigate? Are there specific features you would like to see (or current features you don’t like)? Let us know, so I can give our web-designer some feedback. Thanks for your time and input!

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