A lot of behind the scenes work, but getting there slowly

Hey everyone!  It’s been a while right?  As you know or maybe don’t know, I have been working behind the scenes a lot and dealing with personal life matters that are starting to become not so important that I can’t​ not work even more on things. 

To recap what happened in December, we were on a pretty good deal with a server that had a failure in the entire cluster of computers. This resulted in performance issues and connectivity issues. So we pretty bailed and found a more stable host, switched to Icecast and have been running that way since January. In this process a lot of things broke. Our online requests failed and so did some of our station listings which we got most of the ones we could back up. Hopefully listings to Neostreams will be fixed soon too since the server did eventually stop working. 

In February, I was told to move out and I was pretty crunched for time and living places as all the plans I had fell through at the last minute. I basically had to find a place to store everything. This is why there has not been a live show in a very long time and it is going to be a slow process but it’s being worked through. Everything is in an unlabled storage bin but I think I can eventually get things going. It’s just taking a long time due to other events in life. 

On a lighter note though, we did make our donations goal and I want to thank everyone who helped us reach that goal. We couldn’t do it without you and we wouldn’t be on air if not for all our listeners and supporters who helped keep us on air for 12 years. Also, the request page is mostly working. Some strange things are happening to the now playing section but the pages listing the songs works as does sending requests. 

Aside from all that news I hope to be on air very soon for you all and just wanted to let you know what the hold up is. Sadly when you need to get up and move things, it takes a long time to recover it and find out where things went wrong. This goes for all things I mentioned above and I really appreciate you all being through it with us. 

Thank you. When I’m back on air we will hold the best show ever!

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