Status of the station and studio

Status of the station and studio

Hey everyone, thank you all for your patience and support. AnimeAMAZE has been having a repeating song issue. Been spending a ton of time trying to figure it out and diagnose it and in the end I had no luck at all. I finally decided to start from scratch. I rebuilt the database and got it going again and hopefully without repeating songs. I did not test requested songs yet but I will tackle that next. 

The studio is 90% complete. Once I get cables plugged in and organized the rest is flipping switches, pushing buttons doing some tests and then going from there. There is a new software I may have to use for the shows so that may present a bit of a learning curve and fine tuning but in the end it will be more rewarding to have a more positive experience with a really nice peice of software other than the broadcast software that has been causing headaches lately. 

Last bit of news is the backup stream is taking quite some time to get powered up (literally). As we wait for power lines to be added to the building we are not able to run the computer and expect it to run stable.  So in the meantime we will have to make due with our current setup, hope it continues to work and then we get to get our backup stream running in the event of downtime that will be inevitable. 

Hopefully the next post I make will be a live show!

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