A Live Show? [10/21 9:30-10PM EDT]

🎵Hello, yeah it’s been while…  Not much, how bout you?🎶

That’s right. Live show Saturday night.  Not much in the way for new music since we just barely got the studio back to some working form. I gotta test the on air waters so to speak and get my on air back. Live shows may pop up more now that we have things set…more or less…but it also depends on how busy my other job schedule gets. Fortunately this week works out and next week is Bakuretsu Con so again, there will be a show. 

Show will start between 9:30 and 10 Eastern. We will play some old classics and also your requests. Please send your requests to me on Discord (I guess it’s a PM?). I’ll play them as I can but please be fair to everyone else. 

Also, bonus points for whoever sang the song at the top of this article in the correct way knowing exactly what it is.  

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