Update about Request Page and Status Page

Update about Request Page and Status Page

Hey Everyone!  I was able to make the request page sort of blend in with our sites pages.  This change is nice because you won’t have to leave this site to make requests or dedications.  All you need to do from the top menu is hover over radio, click Requests, and away you go to our request page.  You will not have to go the “mooo.com” website anymore.

In addition to that, some things have changed a bit for making requests.  I’ll cover these as questions you may have:

  1. How many songs can I request in a day?  You can request up to 5 songs in a 24 hour period.  Your IP is logged in the secure database and removed after the 24 hour period has passed making you able to request again.  This is again, another limiter if a bot goes on a requesting rampage.
  2. If I use a Proxy can I bypass this limit?  You can try but this is supposed to check against proxy addresses so your results may vary.  Again another layer of protection in place from bots.
  3. Why is it asking for my name?  Reason for asking for your name is a spam prevention measure, and also for making requests and dedications.  You don’t have to give a name, you could fill in a letter.  It doesn’t show on any of the status screens, but it is just another prevention mesure
  4. reCaptcha?  Yes, reCaptcha.  It is another bot prevention.  I am sorry for the extra steps, but in the past with some of our other requests pages, bots have been an issue, and I expect this time to be no exception so I am doing what can be done, and what is provided in this request page pack to tackle it before it can become a big issue.  Thank you for your understanding!

Any more questions you may have may be asked here or in the contact box.

Now for the status page, that has changed.  It is going to show you what is currently playing, what is up next, and other fun things like most played songs, most played artists, top requested songs, and so on.  In the coming soon box, is kind of like a “whats next” sort of box, however it does randomize their order, so don’t expect it to be listing a song so you are like “Oh my favorite song or artist is up next!” because it may be 3 or 4 songs away or may not even show up at all.  I may be able to adjust that for you, but for now, it is like that.  I’ll update this if it changes.


Let me know if you have any questions about these changes!

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