Donations needed by January 1

Donations needed by January 1

It is that time of year to pay the hosting bill.  Last year our host at Neostreams shut down so we are now on a VPS plan with our sponsor, The Mono Room.  The cost yearly is $70 for our half that is due January 1 2018. 

We will need to have enough donations by January 1 to make it on time to pay for our host. I wish to thank all our sponsors and donors in advance for all their help. If you would like to help but are unable to donate, you can help by spreading the word about AnimeAMAZE and sharing it with people you know who may end up loving AnimeAMAZE. 

The donation counter will pop up in the next few days so you know where we are. Any extra amounts donated at this time will go toward our web hosting payment coming up in May, any any extra from that can always be used to get nice AnimeAMAZE memorabilia, or like one year, T-Shirts. 

Thank you again for all your support!  AnimeAMAZE is finally getting back to a point of being stable and working as it used to and it’s all thanks to your help and continued support!

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