Station Down Due to Windows Updates. 05 June 2018

Station Down Due to Windows Updates. 05 June 2018

Unfortunately, Station fell down at some point today due to Windows 10 insistence on downloading the feature update. I am taking this downtime to let it do it’s thing and get its updates, and then it should be back up. Sadly I do not have an ETA yet, but it should not take long. I want to thank people on discord for letting me know about connectivity issues though. I will let you know on facebook, twitter and discord the updates as they are available. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

2 thoughts on “Station Down Due to Windows Updates. 05 June 2018

  1. Windows 10? You might consider switching to Linux after this down time. Much less problems. You might even be able to run the station on a Raspberry Pi. 😀

    1. All our services are running on Linux based servers. I would love to run the station itself on Linux. The only problem with that is finding a good radio software on Linux that works the way I need it to work. Same with running on a raspberry pi. I have a CHIP which I think is similar to the Raspberry pi. I’ll have to do some testing this week as I have Debian on my laptops primarily.

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