Live at Bakuretsu Con in Colchester Vermont [10/19-10/21]

Live at Bakuretsu Con in Colchester Vermont [10/19-10/21]

Hey everyone, that time of year is upon us again, the year Bakuretsu Con starts. It is a bit earlier this year which is also nice. There is a full panel of events posted that will be posted to this site soon (I am anticipating changes) and this year we are going to be doing things a little differently than previous years. This year all the videos we gather will be gathered from the camera directly and uploaded to our podcast site. This will prevent YouTube region locking videos that we have full permission to distribute and play. All we can’t show is anything with full songs and full videos, so no AMV’s. Other than that though, that is how we will deliver.

We will also be doing some live coverage while here on the radio. It’s been a while since we had a live show, so this will be the first in a long time. Please keep an eye on this site, Twitter, Facebook, that is where all our updates will be.

Please standby for the schedule.

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