Let's be honest, our official IRC channel has been quite silent recent months. IRC nowadays is more of a tech savvy thing and while there's browser based clients it's still somewhat complicated for some people using commands and such to customize your likings. Besides that not all phones have easy-to-use IRC clients, especially free ones, available. Which everyone wants to have these days.

So, with that info out of the way, we're going to experiment with a new kid on the block of social media. Introducing: Discord.

Discord at this moment is kind of focussed towards gamers and tries to compete with voice chat software such as TeamSpeak and Ventrillo. However it also wants to replace instant messengers/voip programs such as Skype. Text chat wise Discord already offers way more options and functionality compared to those. The software is fully free for Windows & Mac as well for iOS and Android mobile devices. A beta build of Linux is currently out as well. But, in case you don't want to install anything: Their browser based version works 99% identical to the installed software.

As you may have noticed I've also added a little Discord widget on the right side of the website so you can easily hop on as well see if any of your friends are on the AnimeAMAZE server.

Anyway, without further delay, our public link to join the AnimeAMAZE server is:


Feel free to share this link with your friends and fellow listeners of AnimeAMAZE.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me, Maoyu. I won't bite. =)